Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cranky Large Medium reading, 24 September

Go away.

What are you still doing, here? Why aren't you gone, after my clear command that you go? Is your hearing gone? Need I shout? Very well, then, GO AWAY! Oh, it's not your hearing, you say. Well, then, it's simply bad manners, isn't it? So, now that I've shown you the error of your ways, you'll be going, no? No? No. You want something from me, and you won't go without it. Oh, sure. As if I had anything much to spare. Have you seen my accommodations? Cave... blanket... not even a pair of shoes. What can you possibly take from me, other than my dignity? Ah. You "only" want a reading. As if that were some simple operation, no real effort on my part... well, anyway. Let's not go there. If I give you this reading, will you then leave? Do you hear that? It's a sigh of relief. Let me get you on the road. Here you are:
You have an abundance of natural ability, and could accomplish much, if you could only make up your mind. You are impulsive, and your powers of careful reason are such that you would be better off depending upon your intuition, such as that is. You are a social butterfly... you know -- a lightweight who needs constant attention. Go find a keg party, somewhere, so you can replenish your cache of brilliant analyses.
Are you happy, now? Of course not. But, hey, that unhappiness won't last long, with your powers of concentration. You can look on the bright side of things, after all. You are better off than these people, who, on this date in history, gave the afterlife their full attention: Pippin the Short, Emperor Reigen, Paracelsus, Johann Matthias Hase, Niels Ryberg Finsen, Lev Schnirelmann, Hans Geiger, Bruno Pontecorvo, Pope Liberius, Pope Innocent II, Vincenzo da Filicaja, Theodore S. Geisel, Manuel Mendes, Patrick Gilmore, Ian Stuart Donaldson (no video link, for philosophical reasons), Peter Bellamy, Carl Laemmle, Warren William, Charles Reisner, Neil Hamilton, Patsy Kelly, Sarah Churchill, Mike Donlin, Mike Webster, Isabeau of Bavaria, Poliziano, Earle Cabell,
and Rosalie Allen.

Yodel along, now.
Happy birthday, anyway.

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