Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Question du jour of the day

So. In a commercial for a security/alarm company, a woman and daughter come in from playing in the yard, and just at that moment a creepy guy breaks down the front door and menaces them. The girl and her mommy run upstairs to answer the ringing phone. My question is twofold: (a) shouldn't they eschew the stairs and run instead for the neighbor's house, or at least somewhere in plain open daylight, where there are likely witnesses, and (b) why would they stop to answer the phone when their lives may be threatened? What if it's one of those computer-dialed, pre-recorded telemarketers? So much for getting help... dial "M" for messed up!

If there's a reason for going upstairs and quivering in a bedroom, waiting for help to come, please, somebody, tell me.

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