Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A true patriot, Obama

I am convinced, after hearing President Obama's speech before the General Assembly of United Nations, after his actions to insult all our free and loyal allies, after his kiss-up to Russia in the midst of its late season of aggression toward its free neighbors, etc., that the POTUS is a patriot, indeed.

Barack Obama, like many of those whose lives are built around leftism and academia (but I repeat myself), truly loves his country. He just can't stand the people who live in it.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I get it. You don't hate him... he hates you and everyone in the country. And that makes him a patriot.

Um, OK. I lied. I don't get it. Actually, it's about as incoherent as anything I've recently read. Did Sarah Palin say this in her speech in Asia by chance? Or are you working on becoming her next speech writer?

leucanthemum b said...

Why don't you explain to me why you hold Mrs. Palin in such contempt? Is it because of her funny speech patterns, or is it because she's been a successful businesswoman/partner? Or because she followed through on her gubernatorial election promise to clean up her own party PLUS the rest of the AK government? Or do you just dislike her because she's a Christian? What is it about her that puts her at the tip of your figurative tongue?

Oh, noes! You finks she's dum becuz you sawz it on yore teeveez, on SNL an on See BS five o'clock comedy showz, an red it on Kozzzzzzzzzzzzzz.