Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Just Stop With the World Apologies Already

Note: I posted this to my Facebook timeline earlier today, & enough people asked permission to share it that I've brought it here to my cobwebby blog, as well.

To all the people who were so desperate to see Hillary win: please stop apologizing to the rest of the  world for the election of Donald Trump. You helped it happen. You chose the worst possible candidate to lead your party (outside, possibly, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi), meanwhile looking the other way while evidence stacked up as to how she and her boss destabilized the world with their inept and/or crooked policies.

The POTUS you gleefully elected these last two cycles enabled both the expansion of corruption in our federal government and the escalation of racial mistrust and rage throughout our cities, culminating in riots and murder.

You looked the other way when every other racial and social group went out of its way to savage the middle class working white guy.

You supported the passage of laws which stifled free expression of religion (because, you claimed, "intolerance must not be permitted." How tolerant of you to not tolerate somebody's differing beliefs). You forced people to pay out of their hard-earned wages for the products of your own excess.

You encouraged members of your element to menace those who voted against you, even going so far as to publish addresses for the homes of private citizens -- and their children! -- who had expressed differing views, for all the world to harass.

Had you been capable of the same tolerance you demanded of others, you might, today, have no cause for trepidation from a backlash.

Had you supported a percievably honest-ish candidate, such as Bernie Sanders, you might not be crying in your trendy little vintner's cabernet, tonight.

No exalted platform awaits you for your sactimony.  You helped build this house. You get to live in it with the rest of us.

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

There had better be a boy and several human-sized arthropods in each one

In my mailbox recently was an advertisement from one of my favorite cooking sites (their recipes are usually not entirely about exotic ingredients and three-day preparations). Now, I know that many of the items they promote are, to put it mildly, a little outside my price range, so seeing a pretty mortar and pestle going for $65 doesn't shock me.

However, their special was six New England peaches for $31 plus $8 shipping and handling.

For those of you too lazy to do math any more, that's six dollars and fifty cents per peach. I can get a whole peck of good pie apples, three pounds of fresh grapes, a dozen oranges, or two pounds of fresh bing cherries for the price of one peach.

The ad promised that said peaches would be large, juicy, and full of flavor.  But at $6.50 per globe, I'd be looking at the bottom of the shipping crate to see if Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker were squished into it. Anything less than full Roald-Dahl-scaled impressive, and I'd rather fork out that kind of cash on my own gol-durned peach tree.

Come to think of it, maybe that's what I'll ask for, when my birthday rolls around…we need to take out the dying crabapples, & find a proper replacement. And there'd be fresh peaches every summer and homemade pie very year for the rest of my life.

Mmm…peach pie. Any pie.

Dang it! Now I'm going to have to bake something I shouldn't eat.

Meanwhile, I'm going to reread that awesome book, and dream of trans-oceanic fruit flights.

Back Off, Boogaloo

I wonder if this bumblebee knows Winnie the Pooh?

Sunday, August 14, 2016

I heard you the first 20,000 times you said it

This is to every Trump stumper whose sole argument for the conservatives to cast aside their principles and vote for their man is this : because Hillary.

You have repeated this, as you say, ad nauseam (when you had the wherewithal to use the Latin, let alone spell it correctly). You say we aren't listening. You say, "Get in line or else."

Well, bucko, your arguments have not fallen on deaf ears. We have heard you, loud and clear. And our answer is a resounding, thund'rous, "GET STUFFED!"

Your choice for candidate is, insofar as both his and your  behavior indicate, precisely zero improvement over the frail, senile female crook the other party is offering as its choice. He, like her, is a proven liar and a kleptocrat. He, like her, promotes vast expansion of the federal government. He, like her, behaves as though people were put upon this earth only to serve his immediate desires. And you would hand over the security and safety of all of us in what is left of the free world "because Hillary."

In other words, out of fear that a nasty, senile old crook and her cronies might be put in the White House, you have demanded we support a nasty, insane, slightly younger crook and his insider cronies.

Well, I've listened to that argument enough. Neither of your disgusting options will receive my vote. If it means the White House is lost to the Republican party -- again -- so be it. That was YOUR choice, when you foisted that orange-skinned, tiny-mitted vulgarian thug upon the rest of us.

I will vote for every conservative and Republican I can, down ticket, but as far as you and your Cheeto Jesus are concerned, I am moving to Fukthatistan.

Are you listening to me, yet?

Friday, April 01, 2016

How to Keep a Nerd Out of Trouble

My family has a habit of collecting books. I get this from the distaff side, since Pop buys his history books, reads them, uses the data for his fun activities on the internet and touring, and then gives the books to the local college library, where he used to teach and I once attended a class or two. (I suspect, therefore, that my alma mater has the best Civil War and WWII selection of any school its size.)

Meanwhile, The Bat and I amass volumes. Between us, we managed to fill the pantry and kitchen with over a thousand cookbooks, and quite a few craft and art manuals. The downside to this is, one can never quite recall on short notice where a certain article or recipe is, and, if one does find it, one has to worry about smudging the pages or breathing in large volumes of accumulated allergens (yes, I have a dust allergy).

So, while my health is still fairly good, I decided to do something about both issues. Page by page, I'm putting the Bat's and my libraries into a digital form and storing it outside the house, in an online cache. I have a scanner, I have an internet connection (such as it is) and I'm not afraid to use it. This means stirring up all that dust, and even some mildew, so that all I will need for reference will be a phone or tablet.

I'm making myself sick for the greater good. Or, at least, for my own future well-being and comfort. I'm not sure how much of what I scan will fall into the category of public domain, so most will be stored behind internet walls. I hope to share my favorite pages with anybody who surfs into one of my public blogs, though. 

Besides the books, though, we have several ring-binder notebooks filled with pockets, each filled with loose-leaf projects, recipes, etc.

Like this one.

Click any image to embiggen

Because you know we all want to make an 18th-century-style wooden "fashion baby".

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Mom? Mom? Mom?

Ahhhh...nothing like a small creature to help you relax and sleep in, in the morning...

Friday, February 26, 2016

New Toy for the Cat

She played until she wore herself out... and then she sat and watched the little mousie scoot across the screen.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

One-Eye lives in peace

Little guy who feasts outside my bedroom window every day... I have no idea how his face got mangled, but he's getting along pretty well despite his loss.

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

The Joy of Tech

I've been scanning some of The Bat's favorite recipe pages -- as well as my own -- from our rather extensive library of cookbooks. It's a fairly daunting task, considering how much we both like to cook and bake. But it just got a little more challenging, this afternoon, when my spiffy high-speed scanner decided to roll over and play dead.

Oh, don't worry. I do have another scanner. It's part of an all-in-one device I bought for an indecently low price at auction a few years ago. The part where I cry "Alas! Woe am i!" is when I consider the clock.

The backup unit is about as speedy at scanning as I am at walking. Sure, we get there, but having plenty of patience is necessary. With my good scanner, I was easily getting 140 pages scanned and filed in a single day. With the backup, I'll be lucky to get 40, because the scanner itself drags along, but also because each page file needs to be renamed before adding it to its proper folder. My poor dainty fingers cry out at this abuse it has not seen since...oh, four or five years ago.

I'd take the good scanner to the repair professionals first thing tomorrow morning, except my chariot and my accountant are both a thousand miles away (and I am not being figurative in stating that...well, not about the distance, anyway. The Bat is my accountant, and the chariot is a relatively late-model muscle car).

But I digress.

The scanner quit. It will not be repaired or replaced this month. I am going to continue to work on this family project, but will take better than double the expected time to do it.

I can tell your heart just breaks from my tragic circumstances.

Tree Rat Boogie

I see this character outside my window at least once every day.  He seems to have figured out that the cats are no threat to him, and, most of the time,  neither am I.

Plus, he pigs out on the free food...

Sunday, January 03, 2016

O Tannenbaum

Time to put the tree away again, until next year. After New Year's Eve, it was making me dizzy, anyway. At least, that's what I tell myself.

Saturday, September 05, 2015

Like a Refugee

I've seen this meme floating about the web for a little while, now, almost always with some smug snark to head it, and tonight I finally decided that, before I try to sleep, I'd like to address this ridiculous Straw Man.

To begin with, very few people in this country have expressed any reluctance to take in true refugees from persecution in their home countries. Those who do object, generally have a problem not with the idea of helping those in need, but with being suddenly inundated with whole cities of people who have had no health checks, no way to check their backgrounds nor predict the likelihood of their becoming -- or being already -- a massive security threat that our own government not only invited in, but actually paid to come here,  using our own tax dollars.

But that's really the only reason most people have concerns about allowing a massive influx of refugees into this country. And, by and large, it doesn't stop most people from opening their hearts to true refugees.

As to the part about electing governments which don't bomb the hell out of countries to make all those fugitives...well, the majority of the current batch of refugees hoping to mass to our cities seem to be coming from countries like Syria, Somalia, Rwanda, Venezuela, Guatemala, Haiti, even Mexico...none of which has, in this century, been subject to "bombing the hell out of," or other means of slaughter by anybody but their own governments or other regional adversaries (e.g. Boko Haram or the Hutu/Tutsi animus).

Further, the government of our country now has been effectively under the control of Democrats for nearly a decade. It's time the Left took responsibility for the messes its own leadership created, instead of blaming the Bush Administration, the Crusaders, the Roman Legion or whatever figure from deep in history is their favorite  target du jour for impotent rage. 

You, along with millions of others of your mindset, voted in the current "Warmonger in Chief" and his current batch of cronies, who managed to turn two hard-earned victories in Asia (such as they were) into one giant cluster...grenade, enveloping northern Africa as well, thus endangering our allies worldwide. So stop deluding yourself that your vote produces nothing but skittles-pooping, rainbow-farting, winged unicorn kittens, and that the people who voted against your particular flavor of political animal are cloven-hoofed, fire-breathing demon spawn come to rape the planet and murder babies for fun and profit. That kind of nonsense makes you look ignorant, parochial, adolescent, narrow, and dogmatically partisan, any one of which fails to enhance a discussion, but in combination they are stultifying, and contagiously so.

TL/DR: just stop. You look like a dipstick and you make your party look like dipsticks, too.