Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Bearable Lightness of Blogging

If anybody wonders why my blogs seem a bit off-kilter this week, I'm going to pretend I have a good reason. Or, maybe two good reasons.

Autumn is finally here. The maple tree out front is filled with color... and still there, hanging over my house, even though the tree removal guy promised to get back to me on when he'd be able to get rid of the thing. If he doesn't call back soon, I'm going to have to get the second-best guy to come do the job.

Beneath the maple was a dumpster, E-I-E-I-O. The dumpster was placed beside the curb back in August, two days after the large branch fell on my porch. The Waste Removal contractor finally removed the dumpster Tuesday morning, just after sunrise -- about eighteen hours after I was told I could expect him. (Is he the cable guy? After all, you never see the two of them together....)

And then there are the critters. They used to play in and around the dumpster. Now that the dumpster is gone, they play on and around the car and the porch. No big. There's just this really big swath of mud and all sorts of pawprints all over the hood of Mom's little red neon, and some droplets of blood on my freshly-painted porch rail (dang, I hate when a cat goes into heat! all the boykitties go all macho, including the silly neutered one indoors -- although I think he's just that way in response to others' aggressions).

But this week there are extra critters in the mix. I'll go into that in my Friday critterblog (tomorrow, in theory).

I'm also fighting the downswing on the noise between my ears. Friends & family are helping, but it's still a battle.

Therefore, blog goes light again. But not Miller Lite.

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