Friday, October 20, 2006

Friday Catblog: Business not exactly as usual

My bestest friend's twin sister Kari -- also one of my best friends from childhood, is getting married, tomorrow (and I'm hearing Gilbert and Sullivan in my head, as a result). The ceremony will be just family and a few nearby friends, so Mari and her mom both flew out to be there. Therefore, I was left with the loathsome burden of attending to monstrous beasts...

Okay, I love the job. For starters, the beasts are beasties -- mostly mellow cats, and second, they all know and like me enough that there is never a real problem with behavior or anything like that. The health of each is stable, and that makes things pretty easy for me.

The challenge is, there's a lot of attention to be given out.

First thing in the morning, even before the sun is really up, I have to crawl out of bed and get Peanut and TiGrr ready for the day -- treats, cuddles, more cuddles, and a few games... then some treats before I head out the door, so TiGrr doesn't try to escape again (he's sans front claws, so he can't defend himself well against the wild animals on my block -- like the kids on the far corner). This morning, Peanut came for treats, then promptly sat on them Peanut while TiGrr stole her favorite spot next to the portable radiator in the bathroom -- and stole her favorite toy, the toilet paper roll, as well. Mr. Grr Has Peanut's Spot I don't think he plans to return either of them, do you?

Eventually I was comfortable enough with the two of them where they were, I made my way outside with the container of kibble for the denizens of Frontporchistan, this morning known as the Breakfastic Four
Breakfastic Four

When they're fed and fussed over, I make my way to Mari's house, unlock the door, and find myself greeted by Rizzo Wants To Play

I can't play with him long, initially, since there are also two cats
Dolce  & Stretch
(Dolce and Stretch) in the house, and everybody needs food and cuddles. Stretch also needs meds and supervision, so I take Rizzo out to relieve himself, come back in, have two cats sit on my lap so they don't get upset tummies from stress and loneliness, and play indoor fetch with Rizzo. When the cats have had enough cuddle time (usually, about a half hour), I take Rizzo for a ride to a place where he can play with another dog in a big fenced in yard, and there he stays until almost sunset.

I leave Rizzo and make my way to Mari's mom's house, where Eddie Puss Rex waits regally for me... okay, he kills spiders Eddie kills  the Stair and presents them to me as I enter the house.

Eddie has FIV, so he gets a lot of attention. Lately, with the change in weather, he's needed a lot of lap time, so I provide it. Yesterday, he had a grand total of two and a half hours kneading my thigh through the heavy flannel shirt I draped for him.

This morning, he only wanted a half hour. So I could come to my parents' house fairly early, by comparison.

Of course, at Momsporchistan wait Furfur lounges
Maus mellowed Maus. I do not pass them by without at least fifteen to forty-five minutes of skritching and grooming and butting heads and cleaning paws and the like.

All this before I get my own breakfast (not counting my day-starters -- Diet Coke and Diphenhydramine HCl ).

Before sunset and before my supper, I have to reverse the process.

I wonder if this would be even more fun if I weren't allergic to furry critters?

Still not enough animals for you? Hie thee hence, to Modulator, for Friday Ark # 109, and don't forget to wander the Carnival of the Cats, come Sunday, to be hosted by Watermark, who, BTW, is worth visiting for more than just cats.

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