Friday, December 14, 2007

FridayCatblog: nobody does anything about the weather

Whaddya Thinkin?
Whaddya thinkin', Mister Valentino?

I'm just wonderin' who dumped all this darned nasty cold white stuff on us, here? You got any idea?

I didn't do it! Honest! It was there when I got home!

Maybe somebody from Modulator's Friday Ark #169 can answer your question. Or, maybe on Sunday, you can at least have a hint of mischief, at the CotC, this week to be hosted by Mind of Mog (who, BTW, linked to a truly cool article about how some scientists have blended two of my favorite things -- glow-in-the-dark stuff and cats -- into one very nifty thing). However, the Carnival Submission form indicates the next one is a week later (at the feast day of Saint John of Kanty), hosted by ML. Hey, it doesn't matter who is having this week's Carnival -- those cat-filled blogs are always worth visiting.

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