Friday, April 12, 2019

They're not leaders…


Some time back, a couple of my Democrat friends told me I should stop referring to Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and others at the head of the party as "your leaders" when asking if said friends supported the party's actions.

I've thought about it, and have come to the conclusion that my friends are correct. Just because they hold the top offices within the party does not necessarily mean they lead the members. They're elected by the members, as representatives.

So  now I feel compelled to ask my friends who still support their party one simple question: do those people truly represent you and your wishes for this country?

Do they represent you when they block legal protections for the unborn and newborn?
Do they represent you when they force nuns to pay for abortions?
Do they represent you when they block the border patrol from protecting children against human traffickers?

Do they represent you when they increase taxes to pay for illegal aliens to get free educations, while simultaneously denying those same privileges to families of those who sacrificed their lives for this country?

Do they represent you when they authorize the seizure of private property from law-abiding private citizens without allowing them the minimum due process before doing so?

Do they represent you when they try to enact laws forcing women's athletic programs to allow biological men to compete directly against women, regardless of the scientific evidence that the XY athletes, even after hormone treatments, still have a decided and unfair advantage? When only 40 years ago, the East German Olympic team were all disqualified for hormone doping, but this new version seems fair to you? Did they represent you when they required girls' locker rooms be opened up for boys, based simply upon a claim of "identifying as female"?

Do they represent you when they demand "all women must be believed" when it suits the party's interests, but when their own members are accused of criminal misconduct they do their best to bury that information and protect the perpetrators? Is your representative showing you to be a partisan hypocrite?

Do they represent you when they force private citizens to speak against their own beliefs, or even force churches to violate theirs? Should you, too, lose your own job and/or liberty if, suddenly, your own opinions and beliefs become unpopular?

Do they represent you when they say that everybody with one color of skin owes money to complete strangers of another color, because of something which happened more than one and a half centuries ago, to which a vast majority of Americans today have no real and direct tie?

Do they represent you when they refuse to support aid for disaster-stricken Midwestern communities and farms unless more heaps of cash are thrown to the corrupt, wasteful government in Puerto Rico?

Do they represent you when they pass laws (including onerous mandates) for all citizens, but exempt themselves?

You elected men and women to Washington, DC, and to our state capitols, on the anticipation that they would stand in for you, to be your voice in government, to say what you want said. Is all the above really what you voted for?

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