Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Today's earworms: try hitting one e-la yourself

The trouble with being a rough contralto is that, occasionally, I get a song stuck in my head, one I have to sing through completely in order to clear it from the system, and that song holding me captive just happens to have been a hit by a chanteuse with a range just a tad higher and wider than mine...such as these, all circulating for a few days, now.  I'd like to say that having three songs running around inside my head like toddlers on a sugar-high make it easier to tolerate than having one stomping about, lounging on my imagination's sofa, hogging the remote control and eating all the food in my fridge, but, somehow, the triple-whammy is no improvement.  On the other hand, when I get stuck, it's nice to be stuck on something other than a commercial jingle, for a few days.

And, heck, who can complain about hearing these tunes over and over again (other than a grouchy, grey-haired crazy cat lady who complains about just about everything)?

I suppose the neighbors & the parents might object, since they're not actually hearing these original artists performing, but, rather, the yowling of one somewhat less-talented vocalist...

Dang it, my yodeling skills are more than a little lacking....   never shall I be able to honestly compare myself favorably to the queen of all songstresses:

no matter how hard I sing into the shower-head "microphone".    Maybe you can come closer.  Or, maybe Patsy will forever have the finest set of pipes ever.

You decide.  And, enjoy, anyway.

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