Friday, March 02, 2012

It's not about Rush or the piece of tush or any such slush

Why is everybody back on the topic of birth control?  Why are the guys on the right letting the media and the left set the topic again, hiding the true agenda once more?

This whole thing about the 30-year-old activist brought forth by La Pelosi as the poster child for cruel Republican policies which deprive pitiable college girls of their right to drop their morals and shtup anything that moves... it's  -- oh, look!  a squirrel!

Are you really that stupid?  What ever happened to the issue of the constitutionality of forcing people to pay for something they know is morally abhorrent? It's not birth control, it's law. It's big-"G"-Government intrusion into our personal lives as people with a set of standards, as though the jackasses we elect should ever actually understand better what is good for us than, say, our parents, our doctors, or our religious guides.

It's about being told by unelected officials appointed by the people we ostensibly elected (I say "ostensibly" because there is too much evidence of voter fraud, once more, even outside Chicago) we have no right to view the intimate details of our lives as intimate and private.  It's about being told bureaucrats own us, lock stock and barrel, because some body voted a tome into existence without checking to see if there were anything in it which might have run counter to the oath they took to protect our Constitution.  It's about theft of ourselves by Congressional act and by presidential diktat.

Prophylactics and pills are merely the shiny object to turn the press' pretty head so Democula can take a big swig from the nation's jugular.

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