Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Today's earworm: armed and Styx-y

Most of my friends remember little about Tommy Shaw, except that he used to be with Styx, "back in the day."  I, on the other hand, liked him solo as much as I liked him in conjunction with Dennis DeYoung and the rest of the crew.  I guess I still like the rockin' aspects over the dreamy parts of their works...

Oddly, after I hear this one for a couple of days, I always have a taste for his other '80s "chartbuster", "What If" (aka "Remo's Theme"), in which there is a reference to standing in the line of fire...  (what is it with Shaw and guns????)   Which usually leads to my wanting to watch Remo Williams, because it was so totally over the top without looking like it at first or second glance... but not so much as the series of books the movie was based upon.  Those are awesome.


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