Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Stop defending Rush's "free speech rights" and look at the bigger problem

Let's get something straight: the attack on el Rushbo to get him removed from the airwaves is not a simple assault on free speech.  Nobody is trying to have him jailed, nobody is calling for his execution or anything like it for his expressing his opinions.  The left are looking for you to call it "free speech" so they can remind you that he's still free to talk, but they don't want anybody to listen to him on the airwaves.  His opinions must no longer be widespread.  He's not a problem so long as nobody publishes him.

In other words, while the left are, indeed, launching an assault on his First Amendment rights, the assault is on his rights as a man of the press.   Just as Media Matters has as its sworn goal the destruction of FOX news and the rest of Rupert Murdoch's media properties for their unmitigated gall to disseminate news unauthorized by the left's priestly masters, they have been hoping to remove access between conservative talk radio and those who might be swayed to believe what those shows say.  Heaven forfend the media have more than one single message!  Who knows?  we might actually have more than one opinion on any given subject, and that way lies madness, no?

I don't very often like what Limbaugh says, and even less do I like his style of saying it.  Like Glenn Beck and a number of other hard-core conservative media personalities, he is too extreme, too often.   In effect, they are absurdist counterparts to the Beckett play that is the Mainstream Media.   Rush is in the business of riling the listeners.  This comes as no surprise to his listeners and it should come as no shock to his sponsors (so it seems just and right that one of those who dropped him for his "scandalous words" -- accurate though they may have been -- has seen its own stock values drop precipitously immediately after they turned chicken on him) or those even who pay attention to scurrilous crews like, say, Bill Maher, MSNBC, or Media Matters....   

So, when you stand up and try to defend a man many see as having spoken indefensible words, do so not because, necessarily, you believe he should have the right to speak crassly.  He does.  We know this, and we know that his person and his personal liberty are not being threatened (at least not publicly, not by the crews of the leftist media or the government), but that his career in media is.  That, my friends, is an equally dangerous menace.  

If they truly believed in the rights guaranteed by the First Amendment, the answer the Left should have demanded and accepted was correction (which was given, in the form of an apology, such as it was), not silence (which has been called for by those who fear Rush's success).  

There is a reason that freedom of the press is one of those enumerated in the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.  Without it, those in power will be able to use the remaining biased, prostituted media to manipulate, unhindered, the minds of all the masses.  An assault, therefore, on Rush or Beck or Dr. Laura or any other "opposition" media giant for something other than overt fraud and/or proven malicious mischief is an assault on free thought for all of us.   

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