Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How do they know?

This afternoon, before I was to ready myself for the great out-of-doors, I decided to use up a little of the milk and eggs in the bat's fridge -- I have intolerance for certain foods, and these are near the top of the list, so I have to use them sparingly, which means, when the parents go away for any length of time, their dairy products and such tend to spoil, unless I can find a way to bury them in something else and share them around.  Of course, occasionally, the recipes I follow are the sorts of things I am reluctant to share... today's was one of those.  I decided when I woke up this morning that I would make a batch of Frogs' Eyes in Mud.  I was not expecting my student to stop in, since there were other study issues for her to address (she was expected to go straight to her own home after school let out, instead of settling in for an art session).  Yesterday was my sort-of-semi-monthly visit from my bestie from childhood, for whom I fixed a batch of honey-wisky-sauced sweet potatoes and sacrificed a beef pastie.  Nobody else just "drops by" in the afternoon.

Both of them did.

Not that I'm complaining.  I made a double batch, and, considering how rich the Mud is, it would take me a week to consume a single batch on my own, so it's a very good thing they popped in to help me out with a gallon of very fudgy, chocolatey pudding.  Plus, I sent a pint tub off with my student, for her mother to share at supper (they're going to another friend's house for dinner).

But still... I didn't have the vent fan running, so all the aroma was contained to the interior of the house.  I wasn't advertising my kitchen plans.  How did they know to come over just as I was finishing up?  How did they time their surprise arrival so well?

As a result of their coming over, I, unfortunately, did not get out to run those errands (again!).  This, of course, feeds my deep-seated guilt.  OTOH, it's always nice to see these people, and there's no guilt at all in seeing their smiles...  how did they know I needed that, too?

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