Monday, January 23, 2012

And I wasn't even wearing boots

While I'm working on the computer or watching television, I generally sit with my feet up, on a footstool or an improvised footstool, with a blanket draped over my feet and legs.  And, generally, there will be a cat resting somewhere in close proximity to my feet, when I'm settled in.

And, under normal circumstances, the blanket is necessary, since we keep the thermostat at a ridiculously low temp, because we don't need to roast.  However, the house was warmed, yesterday, to accommodate the needs of a friend who had come over for lunch and a movie.  Needless to say, when my friend went home, the house was still warm enough I did not need a blanket over my feet.  Indeed, I was enjoying running around barefoot (and sitting around barefoot, too).

I had taken my shower for the evening, and applied my appropriate lotions and skin creams (all labeled as safe for children and animals, largely due to my allergies), then plunked myself into the chair to play a game or two on the computer, my girl kitty Maus stretched across my shoulder and the back of the chair, and the boy kitty Lucas decided he needed to be between my feet, on the chair I used as footstool.  It was all very nice.

But then, for some reason, Lucas took an interest in removing the skin cream/lotion from my bare ankle.  Honestly, it was one of the strangest sensations I've ever experienced.  This cat is not gentle in his cleaning practices.  And, when he was finished with my ankle, he moved down the foot, completely removing all the cream I'd applied to the top of my feet and toes. I'll never be sure whether he thought my skin treatment smelled and tasted yummy, or he wanted to clean that foul stench away before he curled up and went to sleep nearby.

I think I indulge the animals too much.  I should have just pulled away & let him have the chair... but I can't resist an animal which strives to curry favor.

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