Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I do not think it means what you think it means...

So, I finally saw the "trailer" for Newt Gingrich's PAC-made hit job on Romney.  Quite frankly, I hope it backfires HUGELY on the Newtster.  I could have, and did, early on, stood in support of Gingrich as he entered the campaign.  I liked his style in the debates, and I liked quite a bit of his message.  From the first, I recognized he wasn't exactly perfect, but he seemed, last autumn, to be better than the rest by just a shade.

Boy, howdy, how that changed!

In case Newt ever gets directed toward this little post, I'll direct the rest to him.

Let me set you straight, Newt, honey.  Some of us out here in flyover country liked you until you started whining and whingeing about things not being fair...  once those words left your lips (or your staff's keyboard, if you will) your shine diminished greatly.  We were especially unimpressed by your complaint against the Commonwealth of Virginia, for its long-standing rules regarding entry into their primaries.  You live there.  You should have at least done your homework on your adopted home state.  To blame Virginia for your failure demonstrates your mettle is less than advertised.

But then, you made matters worse by complaining that there were "mean" and "ugly" advertisements run against you in Iowa.  I must admit, there were commercials which painted you in less-than-flattering light, but when you called for the Waaaambulance again, you punked out, painted yourself as the loser.  It was your reaction, not the negative ads themselves, which cost you support out here.

But now, since it's obvious that the public agrees with the party leadership, that you are not the candidate of choice, you have decided "the gloves are off." You have no problem letting your PAC launch an ugly hit piece against the frontrunner of your own party.  Well, that's fine.  Mitt's a big boy.  He can defend his own record, his own name.  But what's not fine is the choice of subject matter for the attack.  You and your loser pals have decided to go after Romney for being a successful capitalist.

You talk about Mitt's career with Bain as though it were nothing but malicious search-and-destroy, deliberately shutting down perfectly good businesses just for the joy of watching people lose their jobs.  Well, old son, that dog don't hunt around true conservatives.  We understand that what Bain was doing was actually trying to save businesses, because killing an industry loses money for all the investors.  Most of the businesses which were shut down in South Carolina due to restructuring under Bain's hand shut down because unions refused to yield enough to save the businesses, or even worse tangles.  But you sell the fiction that it was Mister Potter's evil clone who done them wrong...

Congratulations.  With your whining about "unfair", with your trying to change the rules of the election just because you didn't get what you wanted, with your mud-slinging and badmouthing a business and a businessman for being successful, with your lashing out in malice because you couldn't win, you are positively... Democrat.

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