Monday, August 01, 2011

Christian Fundamentalist Church to build near where Matthew Shepard was found dying

They're preparing to build a hard-core Christian church on the lot right behind the fence where the two murderers left Matthew to die. It's a project by people who believe that people like Matthew invite, even deserve such treatment, simply by dint of being gay. They'll have a lovely piece of real estate, and an easy reminder of the Wages of Sin, right there in front of them as they enter and exit their house of worship.

Not really. No such plans exist, as far as I know. And, for decency's sake, I hope it never does.

I'm just curious how the folks on the far left would react if it were the truth, though. I've been thinking on this for a while, now... I'd like to know the reactions of those who think it's just fine and dandy, and the traumatized survivors and witnesses of the 9/11 attacks should suck it up that a center will be built on top of Ground Zero, built by Islamists who support the aims -- and justify the means -- of the hijackers and their leaders. Would they support the same freedom to establish a religious center near Laramie in spite of the emotional pain it may cause? Or, do they cherry-pick whose rights will be supported, based on some list of favored and unfavored causes?

Just wondering.

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