Friday, September 23, 2011

When is it hypocrisy?

I admit, I am frustrated.  I've had a conversation, of sorts, with a friend, via one of those social networking things, and I can not say to this friend the things which must be said.  I value the friendship, such as it is, for things other than this one particular topic.

The topic?  None other than the Israeli/Palestinian morass.

Largely due to the fact that one of this friend's parents is of Palestinian lineage (and added to it by having fallen into the increasingly common, blindly leftist, universitythink), my friend is convinced that every single failure for peace to be gained lies in the blood-covered hands of the Israeli leaders.

This friend commented on Binyamin Netanyahu's address to the United Nations, today, by calling him a hypocrite:
He says that the Palestinians refuse to negociate, but he conveniently neglects to mention that Israel, throughout the charade implied in the empty euphemism "peace process" has continually, continually, continued to build settlements that now are shaped like 4 fingers, chopping up Palestinian land. He neglects to mention that conditions for negociation and rights have NEVER been equal as long as the U.S. has brokered negotiations because the U.S. is not a good broker. He's a cynical, hypocritical liar.
When asked if, perhaps, Abbas might also be a bit on the hypocritical side, attending these "mock- negotiations" while, back home, they were still lobbing missiles at  schools in Israel, my friend, like so many other leftists, justifies the random murder of children and innocents by Palestinian terrorists by saying that, again, it's Israel's fault for being too well-defended.  Seriously.  Literally.
It's not a fair fight. You want them to quit lobbing rockets, give them the same missiles the Israelis shoot into Palestinian piles of rubble, give them the same air power, give them the same grenade launchers that we give to the Israelis. If not, then accept people getting blown up in bus stops and drastically inferior rockets getting lobbed over the border. 
Because it's always a good idea to give murderers better tools for pursuing that end. While we're going there, why don't we  send more advanced weapons to the savage drug cartels in Mexico?... wait, I guess we're doing that.   So, maybe my friend has some support from our own government, there.

No. I'm sorry. From the very beginning, the Arab states have bargained in bad faith, and the Palestinian leaders may in no way be excluded from that group.

Further, a government which names streets, declares holidays in honor of the people who murder innocents, government of a people who give out candy to celebrate the murder of  babies in their sleep... how can one believe they come in peace, when not one of the murderers has been prosecuted?

And, to that question, how does my friend dare to say the following?
 I am not anti-Zionist, but there are no victims here, except for maybe the average Joe Palestinians that were controlled by greedy Arab countries that co-opted them and are now controlled by ever-expanding Israeli settlements in the West Bank, 

If there are no victims other than "the average Joe Palestinians," then you believe that Israeli family asked to be slaughtered in their sleep, simply because they lived where you thought they shouldn't. If you believe that Israeli families deserve to be murdered for living in "unauthorized" settlements, then, obviously, you believe that illegal immigrants in this country deserve to die, too, no? We can go romping through East L.A., through California's Central Valley with hand grenades, M16s, and machetes to "clean house", no?   Ooh, I think I don't want to move into your neighborhood.

If you believe that, because one side is better-armed  (and, yet, has not, oddly, attempted the sort of genocide the lesser-armed side has repeatedly propounded), that justifies lobbing bombs at schools, then, by all means, let us invite Cuba to take out all the day-care centers and kindergartens in Miami/Fort Lauderdale.  Our military bases in Florida should just lie down and let it happen.  Let us invite the street gangs and cartel goons  in Chicago to continue their practice of random, drive-by shootings.  The CPD, after all, has a SWAT team or two, so it's not fair to get in the way of rank thuggery on the part of the gangs.  Let 'em kill more babies.  They'd only have grown up to be Chicagoans, anyway.

Of course, I see no hypocrisy in my friend's views.  I see no bigotry, either.  But then, I want to see this person as my friend.

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