Friday, August 07, 2009

Cranky Large Medium reading, 7 August

Go away.

How is it that you're still here? Don't you have some traffic in which to play? Go on, go away. Scoot. Shoo. Scat. Amscray. Jeepers, why won't you go? What is it you want from me? Oh. Right. I'm a medium. You want a reading. And, if I give you one, you will turn tail and head far far away, is that correct? Ahhhhh. That I can get behind. Here you are:
Ha ha ha you're so funny. You can even laugh at yourself, which, of course, puts you in the midst of a very large crowd. Although you have a strong personality to go along with your, erm, physical presence, you are proud, and eager to solve some problem other than your own. You are not demonstrative in your affections, but could be loyal, if you could learn to communicate with the person you would love. As if that would happen.
Are you happy, now? Of course not. But even you can look on the bright side of this thing. You're still able to laugh at yourself. That puts you ahead of these people, all of whom, on this date in history, completely lost their senses of humor: Majorian, Yūryaku, Mariano Arista, Camille Chamoun, Mickey Leland, Martin van den Hove, Joseph Marie Jacquard, Jöns Jakob Berzelius, François-Alphonse Forel, Colin Bibby, Angus Tait, Friedrich von Spee, Jin Shengtan, Rabindranath Tagore, Vincenzo Scamozzi, Alfredo Catalani, Joseph Kosma, Constantin Stanislavski, Oliver Hardy, John Anderson, Brion James, Joi Lansing, Grayson Hall, Abner Powell, Sylvio Mantha, Mickey McDermott, Pierre Samuel du Pont de Nemours, Squadron Commander E.H. Dunning, Billy T. James, Red Adair, Peter Jennings, Mary Anderson Bain,
and Esther Phillips.

Bright are the stars that shine. Dark is the sky. Time to go.
Happy birthday, anyway.

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