Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Cranky Large Medium reading, 4 August

Go away.

Will you go, please? Go. You know, leave? Vacate the premises...hoof it. Please. And, you are not moving. Why is that? Did somebody steal your sense of direction? The exit is yonder. No, it's not directional disability keeping you here. So, what is it, then? Oh, sure. You came for something. That something which only I can give you. That would be my delightful smile, right? Snort, guffaw. All right. So I know what you came for. And if I give it to you, you will go? Sweet. Here's your dagnabbed reading:
Although you are opinionated, wilful , shrewd and intellectual, you are secretly sanctimonious, too. You have a few friends, mostly hangers-on hoping for a mention in your will or an accidental brush with fame. You need your family more than they need you.
Are you happy, now? Of course not. But, hey, let's not complain too much. You're far better off than these people, who, on this date in history, may have had cause, but no further opportunity for complaint: Gertrude of Saxony, John "Gentleman Johnny" Burgoyne, Washington Luís Pereira de Sousa, Anatoly Larkin, Hugh Broughton, Hans Christian Andersen, Ethel Anderson, Viktor Hartmann, Isaac Levitan, Bruce Goff, Melvyn Douglas, Bernard Barrow, Victor Mature, Lorenzo Music, Pearl White, Don Whillans, Juan Sebastián Elcano, Thomas Stucley, Andrew Hamilton, Timothy Ruggles, Yuri Artyukhin, Rodney Ansell,
and Lee Hazlewood.

I'm all out of the summer wine, and am down to the winter Scotch, which I don't share.
Happy birthday, anyway.

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