Monday, August 03, 2009

Birthers are half-right

President Obama needs to release his original birth certificate for complete public examination. I don't think, though, that it will change or even remotely challenge the legitimacy of his presidency -- I think his actions will do that on their own.

No, I believe Barack Obama needs to release his actual, verifiable, original birth certificate because he and his entire party promised the country that they would have the most ethical, the most transparent administration in American history, or something to that effect. The operative word was "transparency", however it was phrased. And, yet, everything and then some has been kept behind closed doors. We don't know with whom he's meeting, we don't know whose advice he follows (remember, Bill Ayers is "just a guy in the neighborhood", and Rev. Wright is "not the man I know"), and we don't know anything about his actual personal past. Every other president -- indeed, this past generation, every candidate -- has been expected to open up his history for close examination. We even, I believe, have George W. Bush and William J. Clinton's grade school report cards to peruse for our entertainment. We certainly got the play-by-play of their colorectal exams.

For all that the media and the far left made hay of the Bush administration's desire for secrecy when meeting with non-governmental advisors, when dealing with international terrorists, and so on, that administration, by comparison, is a bunch of grotesque exhibitionists. The "most transparent administration ever" needs to release Obama's birth certificate, college transcripts, bank records, real estate transactions, legal case history, alliances with organizations, and anything else which might give the public an inkling as to his track record.

Of course, as long as Obama continues to hold out, he can take delight in feeding suspicions, and, in the process, making those who demand transparency from him look as nutty as the birthers.
Where is the media on this? Complicit, of course. They aid him in selling the entire of the conservative half of the nation as neocon crazies, by airing those at events who foam at the mouth, without covering the many thousands more who are simple, ordinary Americans objecting to a radical reworking of their heretofore largely successful system, objecting to a radical escalation of government controls, objecting to the subsequent radical escalation of the deficit and debt. The media demonizes middle America, Obama encourages this, and they wonder why ratings continue to slip. I'd say that was pretty transparent.

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