Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cranky Large Medium reading, 29 July

Go away.

Well, what's keeping you? Forget how you got here? I'm pretty sure there's a gadget somewhere on your person or within a reasonable distance that will tell you how to get back to where you once belonged. Come, now, go there. And still you stay. What will it take for me to chase you off? (As if I couldn't figure this one out for myself.) Silly me, I should have known you came here for a reading. And, if I give you one, you will leave happy, correct? Well, then, here you are:
You have a heck of a sense of humor, and a bit of wit, like noise and flash, and are generally popular among the hoi polloi. You are physically active, often caught up in fantasy, fond of art and music, altruistic and generous to a fault. You are affectionate and domestic. In other words, you even make yourself envious, sometimes. It's downright disgusting.
Are you happy, now? Of course not. Still, you have the ability to see the positive, in that you are still able to see. That puts you ahead of these people, all of whom, on this date in history, went into permanent blackness: Pupienus, Balbinus, William Wilberforce, Martin Behaim, John Caius, Johann Kies, Gaspard de Prony, Thomas Dick, Vladimir Zworykin, Pope Urban II, Pope Urban VIII, Vincent van Gogh, Ernest William Christmas, Jerome Robbins, Franz Xaver Wolfgang Mozart, Robert Schumann, Fred Waring, Les Elgart, Raymond Massey, David Niven, Mike Reid, Didier Pitre, Joe Fry, Vean Gregg, Michel Larocque, Mickey Cohen, Bill Todman, Robert Moses, Tom Snyder,
and Cass Elliot.

Dream a little dream of solitude.
Happy birthday, anyway.

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