Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cranky Large Medium reading, 16 July

Go away.

Why are you still here? Don't you have somewhere better to be, something responsible to do, someone less... me to bother? Go on, now. You can skip off this mountainside easily, right? Let me see the back of you. I'm pretty sure the back of you lacks that great honkin' schnozz. Turn it around, now.... why aren't you gone? You came here for something. Right. I didn't see that coming, did I, now? And the something would be... a reading. Quel shocka! Well, if that's what it takes to make you go, I can get behind it. Here you are:
Dang, you are stubborn! Your very definite and exceedingly narrow ideas of right and wrong are emphatic and you cannot tolerate the slightest deviation from them in others. In your passion for correctness, you wind up little more than a sanctimonious bully.
Are you happy, now? Of course not. But then, with your back as rigid as it is, I can't imagine you would be happy under any circumstances. Hey, at least you can say I pointed out the one advantage you have in this life -- that would be this life. It's way more than these people have, as each and every one of them, on this date in history, got patted on the back by the grim reaper: Emperor Go-Uda, Raoul Wallenberg*, Ilya Mechnikov, Julian Schwinger, John Cocke, Anne Askew, John Pearson, Ellen White, Ned Buntline, Hilaire Belloc, John P. Marquand, Heinrich Böll, May Sarton, Giuseppe Maria Crespi, Francis Cotes, Robert Motherwell, Johann David Heinichen, Alfred Deller, Wayne King, Herbert von Karajan, John Panozzo, Jo Stafford, Buck Buchanan, Anne of Cleves, Thomas "Tad" Lincoln, Mary Todd Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Jr., Carolyn Bessette Kennedy,
and Harry Chapin.

Now you can start down the hill... preferably without bananas.
Happy birthday, anyway.

*date and year disputed, but viewed as "official" by government of USSR.

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