Friday, July 10, 2009

Cranky Large Medium reading, 10 July

Go away.

Will you get out of here? What is it that keeps you from up and leaving? Is there some arcane force binding you to the spot? Why are you here, anyway? Oh, naturally, you came here for something particular, and... allow me to use the simple powers of deduction, please. I have nothing of worth in my abode, and I am a medium. So, you must be here to ask me to your prom. No? Well, then, what do you want? Silly me, I should have known you wanted a reading. And, if I give you one, you'll just up and return whence you came? Wunnnerful, wunnerful, wunnerful. Here you are:
You are a regular mouse, and could use some serious lessons in self-confidence. You're really great at following orders, but have no courage in your own initiatives. Probably just as well, considering what a general bag of mush you are, emotionally.
Are you happy, now? Of course not. But, if you ever develop the nerve to think about it on your own, you may discover that your meek life is better than what these people have, as, on this date in history, they all stopped saying "no." They also stopped saying "yes", "maybe", or anything else, for that matter: Hadrian, Li Shimin, El Cid, William I of Orange, Louis-Jacques Daguerre, John Fell, Richard Peters, Gabriel Naudé, Louis Moréri, Doug Marlette, George Stubbs, Georg Hermann Nicolai, Joseph Krumgold, Sam Rolfe, Phoebe Knapp, Jelly Roll Morton, Lovie Austin, Arthur Fiedler, Justin Pierce, Freddy Soto, Paul Morphy, Joe Giard, Joe Davis, Calogero Vizzini, John D Rockefeller III, Hartley Shawcross, Hiroaki Aoki,
and Mel Blanc.

What's up, Doc?
Happy birthday, anyway.

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