Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cranky Large Medium reading, 27 June

Go away.

Why are you here? You should be gone. To be quite blunt, you shouldn't have come in the first place, badgering a poor hapless anchorite. So, what must I do to persuade you to go? A reading? Is that all? Who'd have guessed? I think I can arrange that... let me see, now. Ah, yes, here you are:
Your devotion to your life partner is demonstrative and supreme... and, quite frankly, gross to watch from the outside. Get a room, will you? Your home life may be pointed out as "ideal", but we don't want to watch it in the middle of the street. You can be kind, generous, and loving, with high ideals and ambition. That hasn't gotten you very far, yet, has it? It takes actual work to succeed. Maybe you should try that, sometime.
Are you happy, now? Of course not. Tough. At least you can go home and make kissy faces to your partner. That's a whole lot better than what these people have, as, on this date in history, they gave a final kiss to the sky: Mentewab, James Smithson, Sophie Germain, Max Dehn, Jan Dymitr Solikowski, Johann Gottfried Eichhorn, Joseph Smith, Jr., Alfred Jules Ayer, John Hayward, Shelby Foote, Giorgio Vasari, Michael Turner, Frank Harte, Milton Subotsky, Albert R. Broccoli, David Newman, Jack Lemmon, Lottie Dod, Daniel Kinsey, Elizabeth Cabot Agassiz, John T. Walton,
and John Entwistle.

It's later than you think.
Happy birthday, anyway.

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