Friday, June 26, 2009

Cranky Large Medium reading, 26 June

Go away.

Are you still here? Why? Did you miss the short bus home? Please, please, go away. And yet you stay. Kee-ripes! What will it take for me to get rid of you? Oooh, a reading. I can arrange that, if that's all you need to leave me alone. Here you are:
Mister popularity (or are you a Miz? I can't tell from the way you're dressed)! You are full of wit, and your laissez-faire attitude means that slackers will enjoy your company, too. If you ever applied it, you'd discover you have a brilliant mind. Unfortunately for all of us, you haven't figured how to download that application, yet.
Are you happy, now? Of course not. But don't worry. With all that you know, you should very soon return to a blissful state. In the meantime, look at the positive side to your reading. At least there is an implication that you have a future (however brief, should you continue to annoy me). Your life, such as it is, beats the lack that these people have, since, on this date in history, they all turned faces to the wall: Julian the Apostate, Caesar Rodney, Mercedes of Orleans, Denver Randleman, Strom Thurmond, Gilbert White, Joseph Michel Montgolfier, Karl Landsteiner, Ralph Cudworth, Max Stirner, Peter Rosegger, Ford Madox Ford, Liz Claiborne, Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle, Leo Dandurand, Herman Rohde, Roy Campanella, Jay Berwanger, Francisco Pizarro, William H. Riker, Sir Dennis Thatcher MBE,

And now I throw you back.
Happy birthday, anyway.

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