Sunday, May 03, 2009

Cranky Large Medium reading, 3 May

Go away.

When will you leave? Soon is in no wise soon enough. Please, please leave. Why won't you go? Oh, so you came here for something, and you won't go without it. And that something is... of course, a reading! And, if I give you one, you will be happy and go away? Then let's get started, shall we? Here you are:
You are really uptight and wrapped up in details, to a degree that others call you supremely anal-retentive. You are conniving, shrewd, calculating, never risking anything of your own, entering nothing until you've studied all the angles thoroughly, first. If you weren't wrapped so tightly, you could have a happy home life. Too bad you're not likely to unclench in this lifetime.
Are you happy, now? Of course not. But at least you can clench yourself around the great news that you're still alive (such as that is). That beats what these people have, as, on this date in history, they all relaxed into the arms of Thanatos: King Béla IV, Mehmed II, John Leverett the Younger, Zakir Hussain, George Murphy, John Winthrop, Lev Semenovich Pontryagin, Peter Lombard, Pedro Páez, James Sharp, John Willison, Pope Benedict XIV, Martin Gerbert, Charlie Soong, John Joseph Cardinal O'Connor, Jerzy Kosiński, Karel Appel, Warja Honegger-Lavater, Anna Guarini, Heinrich Ignaz Biber, Ferdinando Paër, Adolphe Charles Adam, Billy Higgins, Bruce Cabot, Jack Weston, Anthony Ainley, Suzy Parker, Alex Kellner, Joe Adcock, Steve Chiasson, Darrell Johnson, Christine Jorgensen, Walter "Wally" Schirra, Knock Yokoyama,
and Narciso Yepes.

Get Bach to where you once belonged.
Happy birthday, anyway.

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