Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cranky Large Medium reading, 28 May

Go away.

Why aren't you gone? What did I do to deserve this cruel treatment? All I ask is to be left alone, and here you come, with your ... well, your you. I ask you! Why won't you go? Oh, sure, you want something. You want a reading. And if I give you one, you'll be happy and leave me, right? Right. So, then here you are:
You are a regular magnet for all sorts of people you call friends. You are very exacting, demand your own way and are willing to go to obscene degrees to get it. With all the wit and charm of a snake-oil salesman, you attract people to the home you love. Don't let them see your trophy room, unless you want to stand trial.
Are you happy, now? Of course not. But, hey, at least you can start by being satisfied that you have a life. That's more than these people can say, as all of them, on this date in history, got to the end of their thread of existence: Saitō Dōsan, Emperor Sakuramachi, Ras Wolde Selassie, Edward VIII, Rolf Nevanlinna, Ilya Prigogine, Saint Germain of Paris, Stefan Cardinal Wyszyński, Noah Webster, Anne Brontë, Hori Tatsuo, Boris Kustodiev, Leopold Mozart, Luigi Boccherini, Arthur Brough, Phil Hartman, Martha Scott, Ezzard Charles, Billy Conn, Julius Boros, Marquise Hill, Alfred Adler, Unity Mitford, Lt Col Herbert 'H'. Jones VC, Eric Morecambe,
and Melvin "Sy" Oliver.

R. A. G. G. M. O. P. P.
Happy birthday, anyway.

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