Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cranky Large Medium reading, 26 March

Go away.

Why aren't you gone? What keeps you here? How is it that you haven't done the sensible thing and run away from here as fast as you are able? Oh, you came here looking for something, did you? So, what do you want? Rocks? I have lots of those -- mostly igneous and metamorphic. No rocks, you say. You have enough of those (probably in your head). So, what is it you came for? Oh, right... you want a reading. I suppose I can muster up one of those for you, if you promise to leave right afterward. Swell, here you are:
You don't like opposition, which makes you bitter. Your opinions mean more to you than does peace in your surroundings. You can be generous, but don't tolerate imposition. All in all, you're a stuffed shirt who will not find love and happiness as long as you remain wrapped up in your own self.
Are you happy, now? Of course not. You haven't opened up. But then, you could by now have figured out you have an advantage in your life, in that it is, after all, life. It certainly beats what these people have, all of whom, on this date in history, generously ceded all their worth to the next generation: John Winthrop, Samuel Ward, David Lloyd George, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, James Callaghan, ... Georg Tannstetter, James Hutton, Joseph-Ignace Guillotin, Auguste Charlois, ... Saint Emmanuel, Al-Hallaj, ... Charles Pinot Duclos, Walt Whitman, Katharine Lee Bates, Raymond Chandler, John Kennedy Toole, Noël Coward, Robert Fagles, ... Josef Albers, Roy Halston Frowick, ... Heinrich Isaac, Antonio de Cabezón, Ludwig van Beethoven, Eric Lynn Wright, Randy Castillo, William Jan Berry, Paul Hester, Nikki Sudden, ... Maurice Barrymore, Alex Comfort, ... Sarah Bernhardt, Jan Sterling, ... Spiridon Louis, Jimmy Burke, Johnny Drake, George Sisler, Marius Russo, ... Godfrey McCulloch, Anthony Blunt, John Addison Thomas, Cecil Rhodes, Edmund Muskie, David Packard, Marshall Applewhite, Wally Phillips,
and Eddie Lang.

With or without that man you're nearly crazy.
Happy birthday, anyway.

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