Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cranky Large Medium reading, 22 March

Go away.

Will you please get off my cloud? Go on home, now. Run along. Get. Scat. Scoot. Why are you still standing there, mouth agape? Oh, you came here with a purpose. Well, put it in the aquarium with the dulphin. For crying out loud, now what? Ah, I see... no cetaceans, just intents. You want a reading. Why didn't you say so from the get-go? Here you are:
You are liked by everyone but me, due to your puppy-dog friendliness. You are cheerful and, like most rational creatures, fond of pleasure, but unlike many, you are willing to work hard, to concentrate on doing a job well, when necessary. You are sincere in romance, which leaves you always at a disadvantage. I would pity you for your love life, but that's not in my nature.
Are you happy, now? Of course not. You have everything you need, but that's not enough, is it? Well, at least you have greater reason to be satisfied than do these people, because you still suck air, while they, on this date in history, finally had their spurs hung up for them: Emperor Go-Sai, Stephen Decatur, John Hessin Clarke, John Canton, √Čtienne Bobillier, William Macewen, Johannes Magnus, Jonathan Edwards, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Kurt von Trojan, Agostino Carracci, Walter Lantz, William Hanna, Jean Baptiste Lully, David Harrison "Uncle Dave" Macon, Dave Guard, Dan Hartman, Don Murray, Mike Todd, Charles "Durango Kid" Starrett, David Strickland, Gloria Holden, John Harlin, Peter Revson, Karl Wallenda,
and Mark Dinning.

So far, no answer from the Angel.
Happy birthday, anyway.

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