Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cranky Large Medium reading, 19 February

Go away.

Why have you not gone? What is it about me that causes you to torment me? Is it my beauty making you envious? Let me put a little mud on my nose. Is it my wealth? Ha! somebody tricked you, there. Oh, it's that voodoo that I do so well. Well. Let me offer you a piece and let you then find the exit. Your reading, if you were born on this date, goes something like this:
You are conscientious, reliable and plod along in your work faithfully and blindly. You like travel and a change of scene, but have no clue why. You are painfully honest and whole-hearted in your love. In other words... YAWN! At least you're living a safe life -- how could anybody do you harm if you put them all to sleep with your mere presence?
Are you happy, now? Of course not. And, yet, I don't give a flying fig. At least you have your dull little life to interest yourself, which is more than these people have, after having, on this date, become interesting to nothing but worms and archaelogists: Clodius Albinus, Tokugawa Tsunayoshi, Nicholas Van Dyke, Billy Mitchell, Deng Xiaoping, Erasmus Reinhold, Jean-Charles de Borda, Karl Weierstraß, Ernst Mach, Georgios Papanikolaou, Elizabeth Carter, Georg Büchner, Knut Hamsun, Leo Rosten, Tedd Pierce, Orazio Vecchi, Luigi de Rossi, Louis Marshall "Grandpa" Jones, Derek Jarman, Stanley Kramer, Madge Blake, Alice White, Janet Blair, Mike González, Harry Tanabe aka Tojo Yamamoto, Sir Henry Savile,
and Ronald Belford "Bon" Scott.

Dirt naps done dirt cheap.
Happy birthday, anyway.

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