Thursday, February 19, 2009

Latest big Dem supporter served papers

According to FOXNews, Sir Robert Allen Stanford, the man suspected of having swindled buzillions of dollars from investors, thus making Bernie Madoff look a piker, has been found in Virginia and has been served. The Feds are ordering him to appear, to a'splain wha' hap' to $8 billion in certificates of deposit.

But the best part of the article is the third graf, where it says this:
The 58-year-old holds duel citizenship in Barbuda and Antigua (where he was knighted in 2006).
Note: he has duel citizenship. Do we have anybody else in this country who can challenge him, then? I mean, it would be quite another thing if he had dual citizenship, because then he'd have a second country to flee to. But, no! It would seem by this language he's going to be required to defend his position, either at fifteen paces or with the sword, instead of in court. And I didn't think we had such citizenships here, at least not since before Aaron Burr's day.

Nevertheless, it's nice to see the Feds are on the ball, at long last. Next, we get to see if the MSM mentions his close ties to and support for the Democratic Party's high Muckamucks. I'm betting it will be on the same day Roland Burris voluntarily steps down from the Senate because he truly recognizes it's the right thing to do. That will be a few months after they start cross-country skiing in hell.

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