Saturday, October 18, 2008

I am not Joe -- but I'd like to be, someday

Not really.

I'm one of the people Joe has already helped out. I'm the person who, not so long ago, had to break down and ask the taxpayers to help me make ends meet. I didn't ask for everything they told me, at the office, I was qualified to receive. I only got the minimum, and felt like crap for having to ask it.

I would like to think that someday soon, I will be able to rise above my peculiarities and disabilities, and draw a genuinely healthy paycheck. I'd like to believe that, when I do, I will not be subject to the kind of treatment proffered this other private citizen. At least, one should hope this will be the last time this happens to a simple voter with an honest question. Especially when he was invited to ask a question, in his own front yard, in the first place. The only reason they're going after him today is that their sainted candidate of choice slipped up and gave away his true intentions in answering this plumber, Joe. Anybody who is not appalled and frightened by this reaction by the press and the Obamists is clearly not thinking ahead, and/or has no concept of history.

Someday, Joe Wurzelbacher will be that business-owner he dreams of becoming. And, someday, I, and you, too (by the grace of angels), will be Joe. And you all ought to hope we don't get this same treatment. In fact, you ought to hope the people who are perpetrating this offense today will face deeper scrutiny, and be removed from positions of authority, anywhere they are.

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