Monday, October 06, 2008

Cranky Large Medium reading, 6 October

Go away.

Are you still here? Why? Haven't you had enough abuse, today?

Well, since you seem to want more, let me take a look at your fortune:
You are a fidget with some skills, albeit somewhat robotic and mechanical. You have little restraint in your activities, to the amazement and awe of those who work with you. If you aren't married by now, good luck.
Is that short and sweet enough for you? Feeling just a little depressed? Well, cheer up. At least you're still pretty much vertical, as opposed to these folks who all joined the choir invisible on this date in history: Charles the Bald (his hair went first, it seems), Bruno of Cologne, Elisabeth of Bourbon, Christopher Monck, Anwar Sadat, Sir PaweĊ‚ Edmund Strzelecki, Otto Fritz Meyerhof, Will Keith Kellogg, Phyllis Nicolson, Guru Har Rai, Gilbert Ryle, Terence Cardinal Cooke, Thomas Wyatt, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Arthur Wilson "Bob" Tucker, Francesco Manfredini, Tod Browning, Sidney Blackmer, Denholm Elliott, Richard Farnsworth, Bud Ekins, Josephine Edwina "Hattie" Jaques, Bette Davis, Johnny Vander Meer, Mark Belanger, Gorilla Monsoon, Buck O'Neil, Arne Harris, Leonardo Conti, Bernard Berenson, Larry Walters,
and Nelson Riddle.

Get your kicks somewhere else, now.
Happy birthday, anyway.

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