Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cranky Large Medium reading, 30 October

Go away.

Haven't you moseyed on, yet? What for you still here? Oh, yeh. You came for a reading. Clever of me to figure it out, wasn't it? And, now, I can give you what you came for. Here you are:
Independent, smart-alecky and smug, you possess a bossy nature. You will build your life around the idea of love, and probably go unsatisfied with that, unless you already marry before you finish school. You are accustomed to having your own way and become petulant under the slightest opposition.
So there. Are you happy, now? Why not? After all, you are so much better-off than all these folks, who marched off life's gangplank on this day in history: King Charles IX of Sweden, Emperor Go-Komyo, John Joseph Caldwell Abbott, Andrew Bonar Law, Willebrord Snell, Gustav Ludwig Hertz, Barnes Wallis, Jean-Jacques Boissard, Allan Cunningham, Rose Wilder Lane, Conrad Richter, Thornton "T" Hee, Jean Mouton, Pietro Raimondi, Robert Volkmann, George "Pops" Foster, Robert Goulet, Kirby Grant, Fred Beebe, William Henry Webb, Henry Dunant, James S. Sherman,
and Steve Allen.

Be. bop. a. lula.
Happy birthday, anyway.

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