Saturday, October 25, 2008

Cranky Large Medium reading, 25 October

Go away.

Haven't you gone? When will you go? Now would be good. Why not? Oh. That darned reading. Well, if I tell you about yourself, what do you suppose you'll gain? Sigh. Here you are:
Acquire a little perseverance. You lose interest in what you are doing long before completion. You have much nervous energy, and can't sit still, constantly needing change. For some unknown reason, you have a lot of pride, and spend too much time, energy, and money on your looks. At least you have learned to laugh at yourself (a necessity, considering all), but you should avoid conversation and spend more time reading.
Are you happy now? Too bad. At least you're better off than all these people, who chose this date in history to return to the ground: Pope Marcellinus, Pope Boniface V, King Magnus I of Norway, King Stephen of England, King John II of Portugal, King George II of Great Britain, Evangelista Torricelli, Giovanni Gerolamo Saccheri, René Thom, Antoine Augustine Calmet, Geoffrey Chaucer, Bill Graham, Robert Strassburg, Gary Holton, Forrest Tucker, Vincent Price, Richard Harris, Cleo Moore, Mildred Natwick, Willie Anderson, Bobby Riggs, Payne Stewart, Wellington Mara, Bat Masterson, Robert Ley, Harry Ferguson, Eduard Einstein, Kara Spears Hultgreen,
and Roger Miller.

Dang me! you need to go.
Happy birthday, anyway.

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