Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cranky Large Medium reading, 12 October

Go away.

Why haven't you left? Don't you have anything better to do than pester a poor, pitiful medium? If I give you a penny will you leave? Hmm. Nothing less than a fortune will do. Well, then, here's looking at you:
You can't decide which is more important -- play, work or love -- so you'll burn yourself out on all of the above. You have a large ego, but fortunately, you don't throw your weight around too much, you keep a lot of secrets, and you tend toward elitism. If you believe in horoscopes, you should probably marry someone of a like gullibility, who believes your signs are "compatible," because that's the closest to compatible you're going to get in this lifetime.
Does that satisfy your colossal ego? Whyever not? After all, it indicates you're still alive and kicking, unlike these famed persons who have already gone to the last roundup: Pope Honorius I, Pope John IV, Michael IX Palaeologus, Maximilian II, Kutsuki Mototsuna, Robert E. Lee, Joseph Stilwell, Alf Landon, Paul Hermann Müller, Calvin Fairbank, Anatole France, Mustafa Zaidi, Ruth Manning-Sanders, Fritz Herlen, Piero della Francesca, Kano Eitoku, Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux, Kisho Kurokawa, Don Lorenzo Perosi, Ricky Wilson, Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr. aka John Denver, Ray Conniff, Tom Mix, Gordon Griffith, Johnny Olson, Leon Ames, Sonja Henie, René Lacoste, Wilton Norman Chamberlain, Willie Shoemaker, Edmund Berry Godfrey, Elizabeth Fry, Edith Cavell, Susan Sutherland Isaacs, George Welch, Dean Acheson, Nancy Spungen, Matthew Shepard,

Vincent Eugene Craddock aka Gene Vincent.

and J Troplong "Jay" Ward.

No truer friends could one have. We tip our antlers to Mr. Ward.
Happy birthday, anyway.

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