Friday, October 10, 2008

Cranky Large Medium reading, 10 October

Go away.

Are you still here? Why haven't you moved on? Sheesh. If I give you a quarter, will you scram? No. Well. How about you give me a fin? Even a medium has to buy groceries, after all... how about a fin for a reading? Okay, just the reading:
You are giddy and frivolous, but people aren't annoyed by that, yet. Still, if you just applied yourself, you could be stable, trustworthy and a person of character. You should consider actually trying this, sometime. You have a crowd around you, your home is over-valued, and you are overly-demonstrative of your affections.
And all I hear from you is complaints. Quit yer whinin'. Your life isn't all that awful. At least you haven't bought the farm, the way all these people did on this date in history: Germanicus Julius Caesar, Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi, Katsura Taro, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Milton Obote, David Gregory, Pierre Le Pesant, John Potter, Charles Fourier, Charles Joseph Sainte-Claire Deville, Gustave Whitehead, Adolf Engler, Gleb Wataghin, Michael John Rogers, Ugo Foscolo, Aleksey Konstantinovich Tolstoy, Antoine Coysevox, Eddie Cantor, Heinrich Neuhaus, Silvana Armenulić, Eugene Istomin, Berton Churchill, Ralph Richardson, Yul Brynner, Orson Welles, Christopher Reeve, Teresa Graves, Lip Pike, Ted Horn, Ralph Metcalfe, Ken Caminiti, Gianfrancesco Poggio Bracciolini, William Cowper, 1st Earl Cowper, Lionel Sackville, William H. Seward, Adolphus Busch (and we hoist a glass to him!), Eleanor Rigby, Karl Genzken, Christopher Evans, Jean Effel, Clark Clifford, Arthur H. Robinson,
and Édith Giovanna Gassion aka Édith Piaf,

Regret nothing except having asked me for your fortune.
Happy birthday, anyway.

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