Friday, September 12, 2008

Obama's gloves come off... again

Barack's gloves have been interfering in his activities so long he's beginning to look a little like Michael Jackson.

Funny thing, though, his latest attack ad looks a lot like it could have been made by Jackson or somebody else with equally arrested development.

It sounds like a schoolyard taunt: Yah, yer so Ooooold. Ya can't do e-mail, so ya probably eat boogers...

This doesn't even reach the high standards of "So's yer old man" or "Yer muddah wears army boots!" The Obama campaign people should be wholly embarrassed by this half- ... uh... -baked attempt at an attack. It will sting McCain as completely as if he were whipped with a piece of overcooked vermicelli. With arugula salad on the side.

(HT: Allahpundit)

Update: It has been pointed out that there is a very good reason McCain doesn't much surf the innerwebs. Stay classy, Dems! (for more, check out Ed Morrissey's observations and links)

Maybe this is the reason so many leftists are in favor of banning guns -- they keep shooting themselves in the foot.

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