Friday, September 12, 2008

12 September Fortune Teller says

Your birthday today:
You are methodical, thorough, faithful and a good worker. You are generally quiet and reserved, possess a subtle and amusing sense of humor. When aroused, your temper is strong but short lived. You make your home pleasant and attractive and are demonstrative in your love.
Be subtle and amusing when you ask Norma Verhil if she, too, matches this fortune. Of course, you might consider making your home more pleasant and attractive in anticipation of a party, to which you might invite a few of these other birthday notables :Lorenzo II de' Medici, Henry Waxman, Bertie Ahern, Sam Brownback, Guillaume Le Gentil, Richard Hoe, Richard Gatling, Irene Joliot-Curie, Jaegwon Kim, Henry Louis Menken, Stanisław Lem, Michael Ondaatje, Ben Shahn, Øistein (Einstein) Kristiansen, Maurice Chevalier, Maria Muldaur, Barry White, Neil Peart, Barry Andrews, Hans Zimmer, Ben Folds, Larry "Ler" LaLonde, Nathan Larson, Jennifer Nettles, James McCartney, Ruben Studdard, Matsunosuke Onoe, Desmond Llewelyn, Sir Ian Holm, Joe Pantoliano, Peter Scolari, Jason Statham, Paul Walker, Benjamin McKenzie, Aaron Sidwell, ... Linda Gray, Rachel Ward, Amy Yasbeck, Jennifer Hudson, Emmy Rossum, Jesse Owens, Adrian Adonis, Ricky Rudd, Ángel Cabrera, Sean Burroughs, Yao Ming, Henry Hudson, Alfred A. Knopf, Frank McGee, Jeff Jarvis,
George Jones

and Gerry Beckley.

Don't slice the cake if the candles aren't blown out.
Happy birthday!

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