Saturday, September 13, 2008

13 September Fortune Teller got nuffin

We've come full circle. The book has been used up, and there is no replacement for it, as of yet. Still, I hope to get something started to fill this space -- something other than politics, that is -- around the beginning of the next month.

(Funny how the project grew from simple transcript and a flippant remark to the monster list of links it became, isn't it?)

It all depends on whether or not I can muster the focus to start another year-long project. It's hard to keep this sort of thing up, day after day, when you'd rather be outside, tormenting the neighbor's kids (hey you kids! keep offa the grass or I'll send my cats to poo in it!) or picking raspberries and offering the other kind to people who pass you on the street.

But, as the billboards often used to say: WATCH THIS SPACE.

Not sure what it will do, but with the right mix of medications, it could be truly entertaining...

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