Friday, May 09, 2008

9 May Fortune Teller says

Your birthday today:
Develop and use your creative ability and originality. You are amusing and entertaining, popular among your friends and associates and have definite likes and dislikes.
Well, now that we've established via the book that you can't be like anybody else (pretty much only because there was no name written into it on this date), perhaps you might like to have a uniquely creative and amusing birthday party, inviting some of these other birthday notables: Anton Cermak, John Brown, Francis Biddle, John Ashcroft, Howard Carter, Manfred Eigen, George Barker, Mary Goldsmith, Ralph Goings, J. M. Barrie, Alan Bennett, Richard Adams, Philip Klass aka William Tenn, Don Messer, Carlo Maria Giulini, Hank Snow, Nokie Edwards, David Prater, Tommy Roe, Richie Furay, Clint Holmes, Billy Joel, David Gahan, Kevin Saunderson, Ghostface Killah, Paul McGuigan, Dan Regan, Pierre Bouvier, Arthur English, Johnny Grant, Albert Finney, Kevin Peter Hall, John Corbett, Joan Sims, Glenda Jackson, Candice Bergen, Rosario Dawson, Rachel Boston, Pancho Gonzalez, Ralph Boston, Tony Gwynn, Ken Nomura, Brian Deegan, Maggie Dixon, Brandon Webb, Tony Schmidt, William Moulton Marston, Mike Wallace, Sophie Scholl, Vance Brand,
and Anne-Sofie von Otter.

So stop yodeling (though you do so brilliantly) and eat your cake!
Happy Birthday!

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