Saturday, May 10, 2008

Eddy Arnold, R.I.P.

Here I was, working up the next week's worth of "Fortune Teller" pages, and I came across the name of Eddy Arnold, not only among the birthdays, but in a recent obituary.

Almost every American over the age of 30 has heard a segment of "Make the World Go Away", and some, also, of "What's He Doin' in My World?" and "Any Time," at least if there was a television in the house during the late 1970s through the mid '80s. One of his "Greatest Hits" albums was promoted almost incessantly on the weekends, and they'd open the ad with segments from each of those songs, plus a couple of other great classics.

One of those compilations, in the hands of a friend's mother, was how I was introduced to him (a method I recommend. It cuts away what little chaff there is in his musical harvest).

Arnold really was a fine singer and – according to many different sources – an all-around class act. He will be missed.

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