Monday, July 02, 2007

Gratuitous postcard: the proofs are in

Mighty natural-like, ain't it?
Postcard: Knickerbocker Lad

I had to let my younger sister know, the proofs are back from the photographer she hired to produce professional shots of the youngest generation of our family -- that is to say, her son & daughter plus our brother's two sons -- before they get too old to bully into sitting for a session.

Honestly, if anybody needs really good pics of kids, Buff Hottle in Monmouth has a knack for getting kids to look like themselves, and not stiff mannequins or Hollywood stunt kids. And, they even don't look scruffy or entirely bratty (well, there are a couple of shots which expose that truth about my brugly other's boys, but we won't tell anybody).

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