Friday, June 29, 2007

Staying away from "Mighty Heart" in droves.

I stumbled across the opening line to the NY Times Select analysis of why Angelina Jolie's feature film, A Mighty Heart, has not done very well at the box office. Since I don't have the money or the inclination to spend it on a subscription to the pitiable old rag, I had to settle for getting only this much out of it:

The sorry performance of “A Mighty Heart” is further evidence that nearly six years after the terrorists hit us hard, people are not ready to use film to explore the subject.
To which I said, "Can I have some of what Clyde Haberman is smoking?"

Not having the chance to go further into the article, I am forced to assume it has not occurred to Haberman that just sometimes, folks don't want to see a movie about an act of terrorism because everything we've read about the film indicates they missed the entire point of the book -- and life --upon which the film was based.

Possibly, the film was not very well-promoted, as well. I see more ads for the Evening or Evan Almighty every day than I've seen since April, for A Mighty Heart. I don't know.

Or, perhaps, we've all seen and had enough of the self-absorbed, self-promoting Brangelina and their ilk.

Maybe, it's because. Just because. Some perfectly worthy films get ignored by the public, for no good reason. Stuff happens.

Considering the cost of a seat at the cinemas, I don't go out of my way to see too many films, these days, anyway. So far, I've sought escapist trash once, and intend to hunt down family fare, perhaps next week or so, but other than that, I have yet to find a thing, emanating from the dark overlords of film-making, calling out my name.

Well, maybe Bruce Willis's latest project. But that's just because he plays a decidedly all-American good guy (something in very short supply in Hollywood, these days). He may very well be the Last Boy Scout. And, because, for a short, middle-aged, balding guy, he's really hot, dammit!

I really have no desire to see Angelina emoting. Or doing anything, for that matter. Not that I find her all that offensive. She simply bores me.

And, besides, when it comes to what Hollywood hath wrought, I'd rather read the book. It's free, at the County Library.

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