Friday, December 08, 2006

Friday Catblog: I ain't missing you at all

Since the first of the snowfall, I had been very worried. Maus was not coming around for meals and cuddles. Mom had built a shelter for her -- and for Furfur* -- out of carpet remnants, cloth, and some foam, set around an old wooden sales rack, but the cathouse was half-empty for more than a week. I was ready to put this postcard all over the neighborhood, at cat's-eye level:
Postcard:  'Missing You'
But I was afraid she might read it as a spoonerism, and think "hissing mew".
(eh. I know it's a stretch. She's smarter than that. I just needed an excuse to post the card)

Fortunately, I need not have concerned myself too greatly. Yesterday morning, Maus was back, sharing the camp chair with Furfur Cuddle Against the Cold
Of course, the moment I was spotted near the door, Furfur jumped up and raced toward me -- he assumed I had food, I guess. No such luck. All I had was a camera and a warm body. That (the warm body) was good enough for Maus for about 20 minutes. She climbed into my lap and then sat on my chest until I could no longer breathe (I have to remember to take antihistamines before cuddling, even at Mom's house), at which time I gently placed Maus back in the chair and took one last photo of her for the day: Maus Is Back In Her Chair.
She's still the purtiest girl on the block, IMO. Even when she's blue. Maybe it's especially true, then.

If you haven't seen kitties in a week or so, please find your way over to Modulator, for Friday Ark #116. Also, on Sunday evening, be sure to take a trip to the Carnival of the Cats, this weekend to be hosted by House of the (Mostly) Black Cats. The beasties miss you as much as you miss them. Even though they'd never admit it.

* try saying that three times quickly: "for her and for Furfur, for her and for Furfur, for her and for Furfur." Bwahahahaha!

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