Friday, December 08, 2006

Carter caught at plagiarism

Another big WOW!

Jimmy's latest book is more than a nasty, bigoted piece of anti-Semitic crap -- it's also the product of theft! Jim Hoft, at Gateway Pundit, provides this nice quote from Fox News:
Ambassador Dennis Ross, a former Mideast envoy and FOX News foreign affairs analyst, claims maps commissioned and published by him were improperly republished in Carter's book.

"I think there should be a correction and an attribution," Ross said. "These were maps that never existed, I created them."

After Ross saw the maps in Carter's book, he told his publisher he wanted a correction.

When asked if the former president ripped him off, Ross replied: "it sure looks that way."
It also looks as if Jimmy should have stuck with building houses after he left the Oval Office. Of course, if he did that the way he seems to have done everything else, maybe they ought to check on those homes, to see if they're still standing.

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