Friday, December 08, 2006

Bonus Friday Catblog: Frontporchistan feels the chill

I came out my front door a little late this morning, to see critters waiting impatiently for me, as usual. Well, no, they weren't so much waiting for me as they were waiting for fresh food and warm water, both of which I carry in gallon ice cream buckets filched (empty) from Mom's house.
A few things I've learned today:
  • cats don't like cold water on a cold morning any more than we do
  • a gallon of water weighs considerably more than a gallon of cheap, frothy vanilla ice cream
  • it eventually weighs less if you forget to put a lid on it as you carry it from the bathtub
  • carrying a full bucket of water, uncovered -- twice -- is clearly an accident crying out to happen
  • inside kitties resent being soaked as they try to sneak outdoors while you carry an uncovered bucket of water to outside kitties, and they tend to sulk under the clawfoot tub
  • no matter whether the kitties are inside kitties or outside kitties, they all blame the human for crummy, cold, damp weather. Sometimes the humans deserve it.

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