Friday, December 08, 2006

Jihadi arrested in Illinois

It's reported at lgf. Some Islamosumbitch was planning to toss a few grenades into a mall in my state. Or, barring that, he hoped to stab a few jews to death, for fun and prophet.

Of course, the regular media geeeeniuses call him simply an "Illinois man", leaving out the part where he says he's planning to "commit violent acts of jihad" against the locals. It took several hours before any of the press included any indication of his ties to Islamofascism*. Even now, they have yet to publish whatever connections he has -- the FBI supposedly describes him as a "lone operator".

But, speaking as one who used to have to work in malls, and, considering some of my friends are still working there, I'm grateful that the FBI was on top of this thing. If this guy really wanted to do something dramatic in the name of Islam, we could arrange to martyr him by putting him in a room full of 14-year-old girls and telling them that he was planning to blow up their shopping hangout. He wouldn't last ten seconds.

one of the commenters at lgf suggests concealed carry weapons (CCW) as the solution. That would be all very nice and good, if only Blagojevich hadn't vetoed the last 2 bills passed by the state legislature of IL. The nitwit even blocked standardization of state laws concerning the transportation of hunting weapons -- so hunters still don't know when they're going to cross from one county in to the next and find themselves in a whole new world of legal nightmares, for something that's wholly legal just a mile down the road. I'm no gun enthusiast, but if this keeps up, I'll become one.

*MSNBC has finally come around to opening with the descriptive "A Muslim convert". Yeeeehah! Maybe they're getting a clue. Or am I reading too much into their admission that it's not a "disgruntled youth" like they have in la Fwance?

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