Tuesday, May 02, 2006

24's next Chloe?

I didn't really expect to get to a point where I blogged anything about my favorite tv show, 24, but last night I noticed something which made me take another look (good thing I tape the show to watch in the wee hours!): Miles seems to be acting just the way Cloe used to... and occasionally still does. It's like Miles is some kind of testosterone-deprived version of Cloe -- right down to the ability to make computers do what he wants, and the need to tell people what he has to do in order to get there, thus not actually accomplishing it in a timely manner. He gets orders from his direct superior, and immediately he asks, "Why?" In other words, he's made himself a most annoying and obstructive gummint geek.

Isn't this what Cloe did for the first day she was on? Didn't she just do that to Bill, when he was telling her how to get the hell out of Dodge before the CTU guns got to his house?

I get the sense that they're writing Miles to be loyal to Mike Novick & the administration as he knows it, in just the way Chloe is loyal to Jack & the CTU. And, they're making him up to be an ├╝bergeek while they're at it, so there might just be a real showdown before...uh... I don' wanna know. ANYhoos.

It could prove interesting.

Not that I've quit grieving over Edgar. He was just coming around to being geeky cool. He never had a chance. sniff. sniffle. chin quiver.

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