Tuesday, May 02, 2006

in keeping with Online Integrity

(via Instapundit)Online Integrity has posted a Statement of Principles well worth keeping -- and sharing with other bloggers, of all political and social ilk.

I do occasionally enjoy a good scrap, a knock-down-drag-out rumble, and this does nothing to prevent a dust-up from happening. It's just a useful set of rules of engagement, so that if somebody wants to duke it out anonymously, that wish is to be respected.

There's no guaranteed right to privacy in the Constitution, but I'll do my darnedest to keep it, here.

It does seem a tiny bit sad, though, for our internet society to feel the need to put so basic a concept in writing. It's as though we had to ask Miss Manners for help on one of the most basic principles of polite behavior -- the good ol' Golden Rule.

If you haven't already done so, please consider joining us in trying to hold to a civil community.

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